ECOSHOT offers its partners - production companies, advertising agencies, and advertisers - the opportunity to take an environmentally responsible approach, producing better while respecting our environment.


Reduce the carbon footprint of filming

Achieve a recycling rate of up to 80% of the materials produced

Recycle waste and give it a new life

Implement economies of scale: more sustainable consumption > less expenditure


The Eco Manager is responsible for implementing and ensuring the correct application of the protocol throughout the production process.

Availability of water bottles, water fountains, coffee beans, CPLA (corn starch based) cutlery etc...

Approximately 340gr of bio-waste per meal and per person, i.e. about 17kg per day based on a team of 50 people.

Recycling and selective waste sorting

Using French and local products

Ecological Report

Creation of 800kg of compost per ton of bio-waste
Revalorisation of the compost in cooperation with organic farming
Estimation of energy consumption
Waste recycling certificate